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Baccarat is a casino game which is being played for centuries. It was not very common in Europe but even there the game is now getting more and more popular.

The history of the game is not completely clear, there are several different stories. Probably the game baccarat has its origin in Italy; baccara is the Italian word for zero value. From Italy it dispersed to the rest of the world. The game is very popular in Asia and China. Probably because these countries have a preference for games of luck, and baccarat is certainly one of this!

The game is being played with 52 playing cards. The aim is to get as close as possible to the 9. Please also read our Baccarat Gamerules for an extensive overview of the rules.

Baccarat types

In America there is mini baccarat, in Asia they a wide range of baccarat types and in Europe they favor Chemin de fer and European baccarat.

But if you know the main features of Baccarat you can play almost each type. We do recommend you to always check the website of the online casino at which you are playing. There can be minor differences in the rules of the game, the payout percentages and the height of the bets.

We will shortly illustrate the above mentioned types of Baccarat:

  • Chemin de fer: This is French for railway. This type of baccarat is probably named like this because if the dealer loses he/she has to pass the cards to the next player. Instead of one banker, each player is at his/her turn the dealer.
  • European Baccarat: you have the opportunity to pass at a 5 point score. The banker is allowed to pass or play in every situation.
  • Punto banco: instead of playing with one hand of cards you are allowed to play with two hands of cards. There is always a regular dealer.
  • Mini Baccarat: his type of baccarat is played on half a table which makes it more easily and clearly. It is also allowed to play with lower wages. This all makes it more accessible for the new baccarat player to start with. There is also a regular dealer.

Baccarat strategies

Baccarat is a game of chance, nevertheless some strategies have been developed over the past few years. Bear in mind that these are no insurance for making profit. We will describe them here but they are only hints.

  1. To bet on the dealer/banker: the advantage for the player at baccarat is slightly higher in comparison with the banker. Therefore it can be convenient to bet on the banker. The only thing is that it will become very dull to keep betting on the banker, it is also very important to have fun!
  2. Betting on ‘Tie’: he pay out percentage you receive if you bet on tie is much higher then any other bet. That’s why a lot of baccarat players like to bet on tie. Mathematically seen this is more of a risk because tie does not occur very often.
  3. Recognizing patterns: some casino do promote this but actually it is not possible to recognize patterns because the decks are being shuffled after each match.
  4. Play with a minority of cards: the less the cards the higher your chance to win.

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