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Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games within the online casino world.

The word Roulette is a French word and means ‘wheel’. Roulette is being played with a small ball which is spinned in a wheel, the roulette wheel. Within this wheel there are several black and red numbered pockets. It is up to you to predict in which pocket the ball will fall by placing a bet on the different corresponding fields on the table.

On this page we will explain different kinds of roulette played at online casinos. Also we will point out where to play which kind of Roulette, which strategies there are and finally we have some important points of notice. To read the exact rules of the game click here.

Variants of Roulette

There are three main kinds of Roulette:

  • European Roulette:

    This is the kind which is the most common in Europe. European Roulette has only one zero in the game. There are 37 pockets in the wheel, 0-36.
  • American Roulette:

    With this game there are besides the zero also double zero ‘00’. In that way, American Roulette has 38 pockets; 00, 0-36.
  • French Roulette:

    This kind of Roulette is almost equal to European Roulette, there is a difference in the layout of the table. And if you play in a real casino you will have cash chips instead of colored chips.

Next to these 3 main kinds of Roulette, each online casino often has its own variants. For example Roulette High where you can play with higher wages, or Live Roulette where you will play with a real life dealer.

Where can you play Roulette?

If you click on the links on the right side of this page you will be directed to the online casino which offer you high standard Roulette.

Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a so called game of chance. However there are several mathematic strategies developed to increase your odds on winning. We will provide you with an overview of the 5 most used strategies.

  • La Bouchere Roulette System:

    this is a random sequence of numbers. You take the sum of the outer two numbers and place your bet on it. For example 1-2-3, you add 1 and 3 (=4) and will place your bet on 4. If you lose you will add the number behind the sequence and total the last two numbers again. In this case you will total 1 and 4, = 5, so you will place you bet on 5. If you win you have to erase 2 numbers, in our example you will have left 2 and 3. Total these (=5) and place your bet on 5. It is said that you should win a third of the stake with this strategy.
  • Martingale System:

    This is probably the oldest and most familiar system within Roulette. If you lose you will place two times your last stake, if you win you will start over. For example, you start with 1 and you lose, your next bet is 2. You lose again and your next bet will be 4 (2x2). You lose again and your next bet will be 8 (2x4). You win and your next bet will be 1 again. Theoretically it is not possible to lose if you use this system. To do so it is of the utmost importance to stick to this system and not try any small mistakes inbetween.
  • D’Alembert System:

    With this system you gamble on single chances, for example black or red. If you win you will increase your bet by one credit. If you lose you will decrease your bet by one credit. Like this your profit is always secure.
  • The Red Bet and column strategy:

    next to numbers there is also the possibility to place your bet on colors, black or red. Statistically it is proven that more people place their bets on red that’s why they call it Red Bet. To begin this strategy you place your bet on red. At the next turn you will double your stake and place it on red again. Next to this you will place your original bet on black. If you keep doing this your chances of winning will be steady and dispersed. If you apply this strategy with European Roulette you will have more chances then if you apply this at American Roulette since American Roulette has one more pocket. Next to colors it is also possible to apply this strategy to the columns.
  • The Fibonacci Roulette system:

    This is a sequence of numbers at which the next number in series is the sum of the previous two numbers; 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-etc. You will place the first number on a single chance, for example red or black. If the first bet is lost you will stake on the following number. Every time you lose you will stake on the next number in the sequence. If the bet is won the sequence is over and you win.

Keep in mind that these are strategies which are possible but they do not prove anything.


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Soms hints given by Casinohunt

  • Practice on a training table first before playing with real money. You will obtain a good image of the game by doing this.
  • Define a maximum budget and stick to it.
  • Check out which bonuses an online casino has.
  • It is often very difficult to stop gambling once you started. Therefore it is important at forehand to agree with yourself at what profit you will stop.
  • Make sure it will not become an addiction, fun is the most important factor!

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