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Slot machines

Different names

Fruit machines, one armed bandit, slot machines, all different names which stand for a lot of fun!

Slot machines were once introduced by casinos for the wives of the men who wanted to play in a casino. Once the wives were busy on the slot machines the men had all the time to peacefully spend more time gambling.

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine that this popular casino game would not be available in casinos and it is being played by the men as well as the women.

Online Casino Slots

To be honest it is even more simple and pleasant to play the slot machines online. There is a lot of choice between different machines and very different layouts. Another advantage is that your profit will be added directly to your gaming account and the payout percentages are usually higher in comparison to a real casino.

At the majority of the online casinos you can also enjoy the sound of ringing bells and spinning scrolls which makes playing a slot machine a unique experience!

Different types of slots

There are a lot of different slot machines within the online casino world. In general there are 3 types of slotmachines:

  • Classic slots or/3/4/5 reel slots: these are the most similar to the slot machines you will find in a real casino. They can contain a different number of spinning reels, for example the classic 3 reel but also 4, 5 or more reels. The last usually have an upper and lower game.
  • Progressive jackpot slots: on these slots you can play to win a jackpot which can be very high.
  • Video slots: on these slots you have to make sure that pictures are in a certain order. They look similar to classic slots but they have a difference in their graphical design.

This is only a wide arrangement because for example within the video slots you can also have progressive jackpot slots. Furthermore there are within the selection also a lot of online casinos which offer extra bonuses.

We therefore recommend you to always check the rules of the game on website of the online casino you are playing. In general each online casino has a very good and clear explanation about their slot machines and how they work.


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Slot tournaments

Usually you are playing on your own but nowadays the possibility to play a tournament is arising. There are only a few casinos yet which offer this opportunity but we will mention it briefly.

You will play against other slot machine players online. It is very important what your status is and to make a plan how to continue. Within a tournament your strategy is therefore very important.

We advise you to also read the page How to play slots? On our slots gamerules page you will find information about how to play on a slot machine and Casinohunt will give you some hints.


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