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Stud Poker

What is studpoker?

Stud Poker is a collection of different kinds of Poker played in online casinos. Caribbean Studpoker, 3-card studpoker, 7-card studpoker and hi lo stud poker are examples of Poker which belong to Stud poker.

Caribbean studpoker

Caribbean Studpoker is the type of stud poker which is the most common. The basic rules of the game are the same but there are some slight differences between the US and Europe. These differences consider some differences in payouts. Nevertheless we always recommend you to check the website of the online casino you are playing because payouts can differ from one casino to the next regardless the country it’s originated.

There might be some differences in the layout. In real casinos there are some differences regarding the table and the chip dropper system, but this is not applicable to online Caribbean Studpoker.

Caribbean Stud poker is also known as Casino five card studpoker or Casino studpoker. Caribbean studpoker found it’s origin in the Caribbean. There are different stories about who developed the game but the fact remains that it was originated in the Caribbean. The game is relatively new inside the online casino world, but has made a big advance and is now a very popular casino game. The rules of the game are quite easy to learn. To read the exact rules of the game please read How to play Caribbean Stud poker.

What is Caribbean studpoker?

Caribbean studpoker is kind of a mix between Blackjack and poker. The game looks like poker because it has the same card combinations. And like Blackjack because you also play against the dealer and not against other players.

Usually there are other players present at the Studpoker table, with a maximum of 9. However you do not have any interference with each other, the only interference you have is with the dealer.


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Caribbean studpoker strategies

There are a couple of strategies applicable to Caribbean Studpoker. Be aware that these are just hints which can help you, they do not give you insurance to win.

  • In the case you have a pair or higher always raise
  • Anything less than A-K or a pair, fold
  • In the case the up card of the dealer is Ace or King, and your hand is A-K-Q or A-K-J, you can raise
  • Never try to bluff!
  • If the dealer has 2 to Q and you have one of these cards as well on your hand, then raise because it is less likely for the dealer to make a pair.
  • Raise in the case the dealer’s card is low (2-5) and you have A-K-Q

Are you enthusiastic to start playing after reading this page and the rules of the game page? Then we recommend you to play Caribbean studpoker in one of the online casinos mentioned on the lefts side of this page. Have fun!


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