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Gamerules slots

How to play online slot machines?

How do you play on an online slot machine? Actually it is very simple.

Choose a casino

First of all you make a choice at which online casino you want to play and next on which slot machine you want to play. Casinohunt made a Top 5 of online casinos. We think that these online casinos offer you a very good slot machine experience. See the left side of this page, and click on the link.

Free or real money play?

You often can choose to play for fun or to play for real money. We recommend you to always start by playing for fun. By doing this you really learn how to play the machine. Once you know how the slotmachine works you can continue to play for real money.

If you made your choice to play for real money and you have chosen the slot machine on which you want to play, click on ‘insert money’. Choose the amount of money you want to play with, bear in mind that this is per spin.

Bet Max

There is often also the possibility to play the maximum bet, if you want to do this, click on ‘max bet’.

The description of the different terms may differ slightly from one casino to the next but they have the same intention. Sometimes you can also choose the number of lines you want to play, this can rise up to more then 20 lines! Do keep in mind that you are betting per line, yet your chances of winning are also higher.

Once you placed your bet you can click on ‘spin’ or ‘start’. Depending on how the reels spin you will make a profit or not. If you reached your budget or made enough profit, do not forget to click on ‘pay’ to have your money paid out. Your money will be automatically added to your gaming account.


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At the bottom of the page of your slot machine is usually a help button. If you do not know how to play or what to do next you can click on this button and ask for the help you want. You can also always contact the helpdesk in case of any question.

A slot machine is a definite game of chance, there are no slot machine strategies, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the reels. But we can give you some hints:

  • Define a budget at forehand and do not cross this. Gambling on a slot machine can be very addictive. If it doesn’t work out one day, try again later.
  • If you have a smaller budget, do not play with high bets. If you play with lower bets you can play a longer period of time and have more fun. It does not mean that when you play with higher bets the chance to win is also higher.
  • Do not stick to long to a slot machine on which you do not win.
  • Make sure you know the slot machine you want to play on. Practice in fun mode first to get to know the machine.
  • Do not forget to have your money paid out! This is not something which is arranged automatically, always click on the pay button. You will be surprised by the amount of people who forget to do this.
  • Check out the pay out percentages at forehand, this can differ from one slot machine to the next.

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