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Online casino payment methods

How can you make a deposit on your online casino account?

There are a few things you should be aware of before you start paying with real money in an online casino. These consider, safety, the time it takes for a transaction to be complete and the different kind of payment methods. We will further discuss these topics on this page.


First of all it is, of course, very important that your transaction will be done in a high secure area.

This means that the online casino makes sure that your personal and financial information is safe with them. Your personal and financial information should not be accessible to other people. In general you do not have to worry about this. Most online casinos are using the most updated and extremely safe software. You can be sure that the online casinos discussed under the Top 5 on this website are safe to play in.

Time of a transaction

The time it takes before you actually have access to your money on your gaming account can differ from one online casino to another. Obviously you would like to have direct access so you can start playing immediately!

If you found an online casino where you would like to play, we recommend you to first deposit a small amount of money. In this way you can easily find out how long it takes before your money is actually on your casino account.

Different casino payment methods

Online casino’s offer you a lot of different payment methods. Do keep in mind that a commission sometimes needs to be paid if you make a deposit. The height of this commission is different per country and per bank. To compensate this commission, online casino’s often offer you high bonuses.

In the section below we will discuss several payment methods. Always check the website of the online casino in which you want to gamble to see what payment methods they offer. You can make your own choice in what payment method you want to use in the online casino. If you find it very hard to make a choice, you can always call the helpdesk of the online casino. They can usually give you a good advice on which payment method is appropriate for you.

Credit Card

Nowadays it is becoming more and more a problem to pay with your credit card. Some of the creditcard companies do not longer want to cooperate with online casinos. Another disadvantage is that it usually takes longer to actually have access to your money on your casino account.

For US players it is not possible to pay with a US credit card. This is due to US legislation regarding online gaming. US players will have to choose another option for deposit and withdraw money.

Depending on the card of your choice it is not always possible to have your profit deposited on your card. You will have to withdraw your money through other payment methods.

An advantage of paying with your credit card is that you can have your money withdrawn in case you should notice any irregularities considering the payments. To make a deposit you simply have to enter your card details and submit. Keep in mind that sometimes there is a limiting value.


An eWallet is a virtual wallet/purse on with you can make a deposit.

This method of paying is becoming more and more popular. It is very easy, safe and quick. You can deposit money on your wallet simple through your own bank account.

But first of all you have to make a choice which eWallet you want to use. If you made your choice simple register one time and you will have your own account. Once this is completed you are ready to deposit money on your wallet, this will be on your wallet immediately.

There are different kinds of Wallet providers. Check before you choose, always the online casino where you want to play to see if they utilize the wallet of your choice.

We will give a short overview of a number of eWallets:

  • Moneybookers: the origin of this system is based in the UK. Moneybookers offers you a high level of security of your private data.
  • Paypal: One of the worlds most populair payment methods. Very easy an very fast but not supported by most casinos.
  • Neteller: one of the largest ewallet of the world. It is accepted by most of the online casinos. Neteller does not accept customers based in the USA.
  • Click&Buy: is actually the European Paypal but you make transfers all over the world.
  • eWalletXpress: the most used ewallet in the United States for online casino deposits.

Paysafe card

Since a while it is also possible to deposit money on your casino account without using your credit card or bank account. This is done with the paysafe card, a kind of prepaid card. It is only used in Europe at the moment.

The prepaid card is available in different values. They are sold at more then 280.000 sales outlets all over the world. When you buy a paysafe card you will get a printout of a 16-digit PIN which you can enter at the online casino of your choice. It is not necessary to enter any personal data or bank account details. This makes the paysafe card very safe to use. Do keep in mind that it is not possible to deposit money on your paysafe card. If you make a profit you have to withdraw that from your own bank account.


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It is also possible to wire transfer money to most of the online casinos. The disadvantages of a wire transfer are the long processing time and high banking costs.


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